NYPD: Nearly 300 NY police officers have been injured amid the ongoing protests

Fox News reports nearly 300 New York police officers have been injured amid the ongoing protests following George Floyd’s death, Fox News has learned.

The 292 figure provided by police gave some initial context to the fallout of how the protests, lasting over a week, have impacted law enforcement — which has faced threats of violence, defunding and harassment in the streets. Messages like “F–k the police,” acab (all cops are b—ards) and descriptions of cops as “pigs” have been painted across buildings and monuments in U.S. cities, and held up on protesters’ signs.

The extent of the 292 injuries is unclear. While the bulk of protests have reportedly been peaceful, U.S. cities have utilized law enforcement to tamp down on the more violent and destructive aspects. The unrest has become so dangerous that President Trump threatened to deploy the armed forces to help police officers and the National Guard.

Tens of thousands of protesters streamed into the nation’s capital and other major cities Saturday in another huge mobilization against police brutality and racial injustice, while Floyd was remembered in his North Carolina hometown by mourners who waited hours for a glimpse of his golden coffin.

Highlighting the potential for violence, the NYPD tweeted a video of a brutal assault on one of their police officers, who was on anti-looting patrol in Brooklyn Wednesday. “This was not a chance encounter — it was a planned assassination attempt on an NYPD police officer. It’s only by sheer luck that this didn’t have a drastically different outcome,” the department said in a tweet.

In Oregon, the Portland Police Bureau and Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office also tweeted images of objects thrown at them during protests. The seemingly random objects included glass beer bottles, bricks, batteries, ball bearings, garbanzo bean cans and White Claws.

Amid anticipated protests, Trump again tweeted “LAW & ORDER!” in apparent solidarity with police officers. Trump has criticized state and local officials for their alleged weakness in the face of riots, but he and others have been accused of being too harsh in response to protests about police brutality and racism.

Earlier this week, media outlets accused Trump of tear-gassing peaceful protesters for a photo-op at St. John’s Church, which was set ablaze amid protests the prior night in D.C. Park police later released a statement claiming they dispersed the protest in Lafayette Park without tear gas and because the protesters were becoming violent — something media figures who were allegedly at the scene have disputed.