NY Times Editorial Board declares “Trump is guilty,” calls for Senators to convict

In a Friday Op-Ed, the NY Times editorial board argues that former President Trump guilty and calls for Senators to vote for conviction.

The Times board argues Senators should not “limit their concerns solely to the events of Jan. 6, when a mob of Trump supporters sacked the U.S. Capitol, but also to act with an eye toward safeguarding the nation’s future.”

“To excuse Mr. Trump’s attack on American democracy would invite more such attempts, by him and by other aspiring autocrats,” they continue “The stakes could not be higher.”

“A vote for impunity is an act of complicity,” the group adds.

The piece concludes “the former president inspired an attack on a coequal branch of government. His behavior should not be excused simply because he is no longer the president — at least, not if the Republican Party hopes to serve as something more than a vehicle for a toxic cult of personality. The evidence thus far presented only reinforces the urgent need for accountability.”