NY Times columnist ripped after admitting “massive failure” in “capturing the rightward half o the country”

NY Times Columnist David Brooks got some snarky replies when he admitted Wednesday “Our job in the media is to capture reality so that when reality voices itself, like last night, people aren’t surprised. Pretty massive failure. We still are not good at capturing the rightward half of the country.”

Senator Tom Cotton blasted back “Maybe don’t fire your editor for publishing conservatives.”

Per Fox News “Cotton had reason to snark. He got caught in a full woke meltdown by leftist Times staff back in early June for writing an op-ed they didn’t like. His piece called for the military to be sent to U.S. cities to help local law enforcement deal with “rioters and looters.” That was too much difference of opinion for Times employees and a good-ol’-fashioned, Marxist purge ensued.

Veteran Times journalist, Editorial Page Editor James Bennet, who oversaw the paper’s Opinion section, was made to resign. (At least he didn’t get a firing squad, so the punishment was less than Times employees probably wanted.) His colleague Deputy Editorial Page Editor Jim Dao, who was overseeing op-eds, stepped down.”

Some other replies to Brooks: