NY Times blasted for handling of Limbaugh’s death, writing he “turned talk radio into a right-wing attack machine”

The hosts of Fox and Friends blasted the NY Times for their handling of conservative icon Rush Limbaugh’s death.

Co-host Lara Logan said to millions, Limbaugh “was a heroic figure and an icon, and he’s not being remembered that way.”

Pete Hegseth said “what you said is completely reflected in the way The New York Times is remembering Rush Limbaugh today,” co-host Pete Hegseth said.

“It’s so sick that I barely feel comfortable putting it on the screen,” he added.

The NY Times wrote “Rush Limbaugh Dies at 70; Turned Talk Radio Into a Right-Wing Attack Machine”

Their sub-headline “With a following of 15 million and a divisive style of mockery, grievance and denigrating language, he was a force in reshaping American conservatism.”