NY Times: Biden has lost support among women, young people, Blacks and Latinos

A new piece by Nate Cohn in the NY Times acknowledges a big slide in Biden’s approval numbers among key voters.

Per the piece “A large number of voters — women, young people and those who are Black or Latino — have all soured on Biden’s performance, according to polls conducted since the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, even while Biden has retained more of his support among men, college-educated white voters and older voters.”

“Biden’s ratings have fallen more among women than any other demographic group,” the report later adds. “Forty-eight percent of women approve of Biden’s performance in polls conducted since the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan, down from 57% in earlier surveys by the same national pollsters.”

“The president’s ratings have fallen to around 45% among 18-34-year-olds, while his rating holds at around 48% among seniors, entirely closing and even slightly reversing the generation gap evident in recent elections,” the piece acknowledges.