NY Times admits in new report “Trump’s Latino Support Was More Widespread Than Thought”

According to a new report from the NY Times, President Trump’s share of the Latino vote surged in the 2020 election compared to the 2016 election.

The figures were released in a report issued by Equis Labs, a research firm aligned with the Democratic Party.

Per the report “a new analysis released on Friday indicates that Latino voters flipped to Trump in a variety of geographic areas and not just in conservative-leaning districts.”

More specifically Trump “saw a sharp spike in support from Latino voters in places once thought to be solidly Democratic, including Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Clark County, Nevada; Paterson, New Jersey; and Maricopa County, Arizona.”

Carmen Peláez, who helped lead the campaign group Cubanos con Biden suggetsed Democrats took Latinos for granted.

“It was assumed all Latinos would be pro-immigration or they were taken for granted because they were assumed to be a lost vote,” she said. “There’s never a lost vote if you are really willing to engage. But willing to engage means setting aside your own prejudices.”