NY Supreme Court strikes down Democrat governor’s mask mandate for schools

NY Governor Kathy Hochul’s mask mandate for schools and public areas has been struck down by the NY Supreme Court.

However, the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) issued a statement Monday telling schools to continue following the guidance regardless.

They write in the statement the NYSED will appeal the decision which will result in an automatic stay that will restore the mask rule.

Nassau County Judge Thomas Rademaker wrote in the opinion “Should the State Legislature, representative of and voted into office by the citizens of New York, after publicly informed debate, decide to enact laws requiring face coverings in schools and other place places then the Commissioner would likely be well grounded in properly promulgated and enacted rules to supplement such laws.”

Gov. Hochul responded to the ruling by saying “my responsibility as Governor is to protect New Yorkers throughout this public health crisis, and these measures help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. We strongly disagree with this ruling, and we are pursuing every option to reverse this immediately.”