NY Public Library plans to keep “cancelled” Dr. Seuss books in circulation

According to a a report from the NY Post, the NY Public Library has no plans to pull the 6 Dr. Seuss books that will no longer be published from circulation.

Spokeswoman Angela Montefinise said “as with all public libraries the New York Public Library does not censor books.”

“In this case, the six titles in question are being pulled out of print by Dr. Seuss Enterprises,” she continued ” o the very few copies we have of these titles will continue to circulate until the are no longer in acceptable condition.”

“In the meantime, librarians, who care deeply about serving their communities and ensuring accurate and diverse representation in our collections — especially children’s books — will certainly strongly consider this information when planning storytimes, displays, and recommendations,” she added.

Per the NY Post “a spokesperson for the Brooklyn Public Library said Wednesday that the books also remain in circulation there. Officials at the Queens Public Library said they are weighing whether to move the books to its reference section but noted, “we stand firmly against censorship.”

The decision to stop publication of several Dr. Seuss books due to “racist imagery” has led to controversy with some disagreeing withe the decision.