Nunes Says He’s Considering Legal Action Over Schiff’s Phone Snooping

Speaking to conservative radio host Mark Levin, Rep. Devin Nunes revealed he’s considered legal action over House Intel Chair Adam Schiff’s snooping on his phone records.

Nunes believes his civil liberties have been violated.

Rep. Devin Nunes:

I’m going to be looking for all my legal options on this, too. I mean, my civil liberties were violated here. Adam Schiff, just because he’s chairman, doesn’t have the right to go subpoena, put a big fishing net out there , go grab a bunch of phone numbers, and have AT&T give you all the people they’ve talked to, and then him smear me and say, “Oh, he had all these conversations with Rudy Giuliani.”

Devin Nunes recently filed a $435 million dollar lawsuit against CNN for a story about him he says is demonstrably false.

Nunes also discussed Schiff releasing his personal phone calls in a Fox interview with Martha MacCallum.


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