Nunes reacts to former Clinton lawyer indictment, asks “Is he going to be the fall guy for the Clinton campaign?”

Reacting to the indictment of former Clinton attorney Michael Sussman being indicted and charged with making a false statement to the FBI by not disclosing he was working for multiple clients, including Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“There was a conspiracy here,” Nunes declared. “You’ve heard me talk about this for many, many years. The Clinton campaign conspired with really bad agents and bad actors within the FBI and other locations. So, this guy you’ve got lying to the FBI.”

“We know people conspired to do this. Conspiracy is a major charge, and it can be very, very broad. That’s what I would like to see, was this the only guy that did it?” Nunes asked. “Is he going to be the fall guy for the Clinton campaign? We’ve seen that in history, remember? We’ve seen people in history be the fall guy for the Clintons.”