WATCH: Nunes on Hunter Biden probe “the FBI stood on this and hid this information” during Trump impeachment

Appearing with Greg Kelly, Rep. Devin Nunes sounded off on what’s next with election challenges and the Hunter Biden scandal.

Discussing the rejected Texas SCOTUS lawsuit against 4 battleground states, Nunes said “qell, look i’m disappointed in the Supreme Court. I think at a minimum the court should have heard this…because moving forward we can’t have another election like this when you have half of America that doesn’t believe the results.”

He continued “so I think the Supreme Court could have heard this. I don’t if they can overturn what some of the states had already decided but they could have a landmark decision that could spur action across the country.”

“Now I understand that there are more lawsuits that are on the way we’ll see if any of the courts will actually take this up. I’ve been pretty close to what happened in Nevada and I know a lot of people haven’t talked about Nevada but there is massive fraud in Nevada for sure,” he added.”

Pivoting to the Hunter Biden federal investigation and new revelations that have been revealed in the last few days, Nunes said “I still don’t believe that they’re doing a real investigation.”

He added “the only thing the mainstream media’s reporting is not paying taxes and I can see this very easily swept back under the rug to where there is essentially gonna be a hand slap and not looking at the larger picture so this should have been investigated a long time ago and the fact that the FBI stood on this and hid this information from the Congress when we were impeaching the President of the United States…we’ll I don’t want to get you kicked off… in trouble with the FCC.”