NUNES: Cattle Trucks All Over the U.S. Show Their Trump Support!

California Congressman Devin Nunes shared an inspirational tweet, showing a great deal of support for President Trump from America’s cattle truck drivers.

And it’s no surprise, really. After all, just after President Trump’s SOTU address back in February, AG Daily reported that U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue said, “President Trump provided a unifying, hopeful vision for the nation tonight, highlighting Administration accomplishments and the booming economy, but also expressing optimism that even greater achievements lie ahead. The President’s policies have been beneficial to American agriculture in the short term, but also have laid the foundation for long-term prosperity.”

“Our trade agreements with other nations are getting stronger, and the strategies the President has employed will lead to new and expanded markets for our products. This was a patriotic speech, reminding Americans of the greatness of this country, with even brighter hopes for the future.”

Now, cattle truckers across America are adding a “Trump 2020” sign to their trucks, to show support for President Trump’s reelection.