NRCC POLL: Less than 50% approve of the Democrats $1.9 trillion relief package

According to a internal NRCC poll, only 44% of voters support the Democrats $1.9 trillion relief package.

In a memo, the NRCC states “House Democrats’ corrupt, $1.9 trillion ‘COVID-relief’ [coronavirus] package that provides a bailout to mismanaged state governments is not popular.”

“Just 44% of voters, including just 38% of Independents, agree with Pelosi’s Blue State bailout,” the memo adds.

In addition the memio states “Democrats’ go-it-alone strategy on wasteful spending disguised as a stimulus has cost them before. In a February
2009 NBC-Wall Street Journal poll, voters supported the Obama stimulus package by a +23% margin (57% support – 34% oppose).”

It continues “a year later in March 2010, voters thought the Obama economic stimulus package was a bad idea by a 7-point margin (35% good idea – 42% bad idea). Our polling data shows the same thing will happen as voters learn more about the Pelosi Payoff and all the wasteful spending in this so-called ‘stimulus.'”