Not Over Yet: Dems Plan More Investigations Even as Trump Celebrates Acquittal

By Jennifer Wishon – CBN

For the first time since his exoneration by the Senate, President Trump is discussing his impeachment, but his troubles with Democrats may be far from over.

“This is what the end result is,” Trump said while holding up Thursday’s copy of the Washington Post with a headline that reads “Trump Acquitted.”

The gesture was met with roaring applause by members of his family, White House staff, and members of Congress all packed into the East Room of the White House.

The president says it hasn’t been easy. He even apologized to his family for having to endure what he calls a rotten ordeal.

However, now Democrats are planning their next moves.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says lawmakers will likely subpoena John Bolton to learn what he was prepared to tell the Senate, and other high ranking Democrats say the Ukraine story isn’t over.

It’s a risky strategy for Democrats though. Continuing to go after the president just months before the election they run the risk of looking like sore losers. They may also possibly put at peril vulnerable Democrats up for re-election.

Meanwhile, some Republicans are going on offense.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson are looking into possible conflicts of interest by Hunter Biden and his Ukraine dealings.

The Treasury Department has complied with their request for information about his government sponsored travel and protective detail he received while his dad was vice president.

While the headlines focused on the president’s impeachment statements Thursday, he also used the stage at the National Prayer Breakfast to tout his work to protect religious liberty.

“In America, we don’t punish prayer.  We don’t tear down crosses.  We don’t ban symbols of faith.  We don’t muzzle preachers. We don’t muzzle pastors,” he said repeating a line from his State of the Union address Tuesday.

It was a “proof of performance” speech that demonstrates why he enjoys high approval among evangelicals.

“To protect faith communities I have taken historic action to defend religious liberty, including the constitutional right to pray in public schools,” he said to applause.

From criminal justice reform to executive action on the Johnson Amendment – a rule that blocks pastors from talking about politics – the president listed the promises he’s made good on.

“I also recently took executive action to stop taxpayer dollars from going to colleges and universities that spread the poison of anti-Semitism and bad things about Christianity,” he said.

And he reminded the crowd of Christian and other religious leaders no president has done more to protect the unborn.

“And we’re pursuing medical breakthroughs to save pre-mature babies because every child is a sacred gift from God,” the president said to applause.

Per The Washington Times Still pending is a wide-open probe launched by Rep. Adam B. Schiff, California Democrat. Mr. Schiff has been investigating President Trump, his family and businesses, the Trump Organization, over the congressman’s suspicions of blackmail, money laundering and bribery.

Republican staffers say the inquiry was put on hold last fall pending the Ukraine impeachment proceedings led by Mr. Schiff. But there is no sign Mr. Schiff has given up trying to prove Mr. Trump is corrupt, and if the president is impeached again, the charges would likely come from this probe, informed sources said.

During his acquittal celebration on Thursday, President Trump hinted that Democrats may continue to try to impeach him.

“So we will probably have to do it again, because these people have gone stone-cold crazy, but I have beaten him all my life and I will beat him again if I have to,” President Trump said on Thursday at the White House. “But what they are doing is very unfair.”

Meanwhile, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler of New York said after Wednesday’s Senate acquittal that it’s “likely” the Ukraine probe will go on. His committee also has been investigating any Trump-Russia election conspiracy.

Mr. Trump said of Mr. Nadler: “I always beat him, and I had to beat him another time and I will probably have to beat him again because if they find that I happen to walk across the street and maybe go against the light or something, let’s impeach him.”

“Of course, they’re going to try again,” said Pam Bondi, a former Florida attorney general and member of the president’s Senate trial defense team, on Fox News.