Northam Issues “Stay at Home” Order Until June 10th, One Day after Virginia’s GOP Primary

Democrat Virginia governor Ralph Northam is getting push back from Republicans for issuing a “stay at home” order until June 10th, one day after Virginia’s GOP primary.

The June 10th date is 41 days later than the current deadline recommended by the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

ABC13 reports Virginia Senate Republican leaders wrote three letters to Governor Ralph Northam.

Northam announced a stay at home order on Monday, March 30. The order requires residents to stay at home with some exceptions to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus in Virginia.

You will only be allowed to leave your home for essential services like medical attention, food, banking, and more. The order also closes all beaches in the state. Residents will be able to go outside, as long as the ban on gatherings of 10 people or less and social distancing is followed.

All public and private in-person gatherings of more than ten individuals are prohibited. This includes parties, celebrations, religious, or other social events, whether they occur indoor or outdoor, but does not apply to the operation of businesses not required to close to the public under Executive Order 53 or to family members in the same home.

The order is in effect until June 10. In the letters that were sent on March 19, March 23 and March 31, the senators expressed concerns over the end date.

Republicans say the June 10th date is 41 days later than the deadline recommended by the White House Coronavirus Task Force and one day after Virginia’s Republican Primary on June 9.

Republican Senator Bill Stanley says he wishes Governor Northam would include lawmakers in these decisions.

“I think one of our biggest concerns has been where our governor has chosen to go it alone,” said Stanley.

According to Northam’s office, they are encouraging Virginians to vote absentee by mail for the May and June Elections.

They say this decision has nothing to do with politics.