Northam efforts to ban assault weapons appears to lose momentum after setback in Dem-controlled State Senate

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s efforts to ban assault weapons has been stalled after the state’s Democrat-controlled Senate rejected his bill earlier this year and voted to take it up again in a year.

The NRA said at the time “This is a victory for honest, hard-working Virginians who shared their support for the Second Amendment in rallies on the capitol, in one-on-one meetings with their lawmakers, in letters-to-the-editor, and in phone calls, emails.”

Northam has now told WRIC he’ll leave the decision to revisit a gun ban “up to the discretion of the legislature.”

Northam said in the one on one interview “Whatever they do, I’ll be supportive of.”

“I think it was a large reason why the House switched from Republican control to Democratic control,” Northam claimed.

“That one bill on assault weapons didn’t move forward, but six other pieces of legislation did and I think because of that Virginia is a safer state.”

Per Fox News “The Virginia governor signed a series of new gun laws in April targeting background check expansions, a cap on handgun sales, “red flag” laws, penalties for adults who allow children to handle firearms and rules for residents reporting stolen guns.”