Northam Backed Gun Control Bill Rejected By the Virginia Senate

A gun control bill proposed by Virginia governor Ralph Northam has been rejected by the Virginia Senate.

President Trump addressed the 2nd amendment during his State of the Union address Tuesday evening.

“Just as we believe in the First Amendment, we believe in another Constitutional right that is under siege all across our country.

So long as I am president, I will always protect your Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”

Fox News reports Virginia lawmakers on Monday rejected a gun control bill proposed by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, as the state continues to become the battleground in the nation’s gun debate.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted against Northam‘s bill that would make it a felony to “recklessly leave a loaded, unsecured firearm” in a way that endangers a minor.

“This bill will keep children safe from loaded, unsecured firearms. Like Gov. Northam’s other commonsense gun safety measures, it is something that everyone — including responsible gun owners — should support,” said Northam’s spokeswoman, Alena Yarmosky.

The bill is one of eight the Northam has proposed for adoption, drawing the ire of gun-rights activists nationwide.

Two Democrats — state Sens. Creigh Deeds and Chap Petersen — joined with Republicans to defeat the measure. They cited concerns that law-abiding gun owners would be unfairly punished.

Another measure that would ban so-called assault weapons like AR-15 rifles is also in danger of falling short. Some of Northam’s gun control measures have passed in the state’s Democratic-controlled General Assembly and lawmakers will hash out the differences between both chambers in the coming weeks.

Some of the bills include limiting handgun purchases to once a month; universal background checks on gun purchases; and a red flag bill that would allow authorities to temporarily take guns away from anyone deemed to be dangerous to themselves or others.