North Las Vegas Mayor explains why he’s leaving the Democratic party to become a Republican

In a new Op-Ed published on Fox News, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee explains why he’s leaving the Democratic party to become a Republican.

Lee says “Democrats embrace a socialist, extremist agenda that is not the party of JFK, or of my parents.”

“Here in Nevada, we’ve seen the full takeover of the Democratic Party by admitted socialists. Their goal is clear – ending the America we know and love, and replacing it with a culture of socialist conformity that erases freedom, opportunity and liberty from the American canvas,” he writes. “I will not let the America I love be hijacked by an extremist left-wing mob that blacklists, bans, shouts down and cancels anyone who disagrees with them.”

“That is why I am switching to register as a member of the Republican Party. Though I’ve been a registered Democrat on paper, I made the switch in my heart a long time ago, because on some things, there’s simply no compromise,” he continues.”

“That’s why I voted for President Trump twice. That’s why I had an A-plus rating from the NRA and their endorsement in my time in the state Senate. I refused to compromise my pro-life, pro-Second amendment values,” Lee adds.