Nonprofit promoted by Harris, Celebs bailing out those accused with murder, sex crimes

“The Minnesota Freedom Fund” a nonprofit promoted by Kamala Harris along with a slew of celebrities has bailed out local defendants who have been charged with murder violent felonies, and sex crimes according to a new report from Fox9.

Just some of the many Hollywood celebrities that promoted the Minnesota Freedom fund amid the chaos after George Floyd’s death include Steve Carell, Chrissy Teigan, Cynthia Nixon, and Seth Rogen.

A Fox News segment covered 10 celebrities who donated to the Minnesota “freedom fund.”

Newly announced Biden running mate, Kamala Harris also promoted the group.

On June 1st, Harris asked followers who are able to, to chip in to the fund, which now has received $35 million in donations.

The fund has also blatantly stated their goal to “Defund the Police” a policy Biden and Harris have said they are not aligned with.