“None, zero” McConnell says no Senate Republicans will back Biden on $4T infrastructure plan

Monday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he does not expect any Republicans to support Biden’s multi-trillion dollar infrastructure package.

McConnell indicated the GOP is open to a much smaller $600 billion bill.

“I think it’s worth talking about but I don’t think there will be any Republican support — none, zero — for the $4.1 trillion grab bag which has infrastructure in it but a whole lot of other stuff,” McConnell said.

Per The Hill “Biden has proposed a sweeping roughly $4 trillion infrastructure package broken up into two pieces: A $2.3 trillion jobs package and a $1.8 trillion families package. While the package includes money for roads, bridges and broadband, it also expands into manufacturing, in-home care, housing, clean energy, public schools and manufacturing.”