Noem to send 125 more state National Guard members to help at the border

Wednesday, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem announced “Today, I approved the deployment of an additional 125 members of the @SD_Guard to the southern border.”

“Our SD Guard is the best in the country. They’re prepared for the kind of sustained response the national security crisis at our border requires,” she added.

Late last month, Noem had announced she will send fifty national guard troops to the border.

“The Biden Administration has failed in the most basic duty of the federal government: keeping the American people safe,” Noem said in a statement. “The border is a national security crisis that requires the kind of sustained response only the National Guard can provide.  We should not be making our own communities less safe by sending our police or Highway Patrol to fix a long-term problem President Biden’s Administration seems unable or unwilling to solve.  My message to Texas is this: help is on the way.”