Gov. Kristi Noem fires back at Joy Reid over her comments on Mount Rushmore

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem ripped MSNBC’s Joy Reid for calling Mt. Rushmore the “stone idol to presidential colonizers” on President’s day.

Noem tweeted “last night @JoyAnnReid called Mount Rushmore the “stone idol to presidential colonizers.” On Presidents’ Day of all days!”

“The left wants to re-write our history by attacking the leaders who made America the most special country ever. It’s our duty to teach our kids the truth,” she added.

Reid blasted Noem on her MSNBC program President’s day, saying “according to financial disclosures last month, Noem gave you-know-who a $1,000 bust depicting him on the stone idol to presidential colonizers last year because she knew it was something that he wanted to receive.”