“No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities” Abbott fires back after Texas Dems stage “Walk Out”

Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott threatened to veto funding for the legislative branch after Democrats walked out before a midnight deadline Sunday to prevent the passing of an elections reform bill.

Abbott wrote “I will veto Article 10 of the budget passed by the legislature. Article 10 funds the legislative branch.”

“No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities,” he added. “Stay tuned.”

In a statement released the same day Abbott said “I expect legislators to have worked out their differences prior to arriving back at the Capitol so that they can hit the ground running to pass legislation related to these emergency items and other priority legislation. During the special session, we will continue to advance policies that put the people of Texas first.”

Democrat State Rep. Gene Wu was not happy with Abbott’s message.

He wrote “Punishing working class office staff, maintenance, and other support services because he didn’t get every single one of his demands is very on-brand for Texas Republicans.”

“I don’t give a sh*t about my $600 a month,” he continued, “But there are thousands of workers here with families to support. This is petty and tone-deaf even for Texas.”