Nikki Haley “Liberal Media Can’t Stand It” When Black And Brown People Say They Love America

Appearing on Fox News, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said “It’s amazing to me how the liberal media can’t stand it when someone … black or brown happens to talk about the fact that America is the best country in the world — the fact we’re blessed to be free and blessed to live in America. I’m going to keep saying it. We should all talk about the blessings of America. We’re not a perfect country, but every day our focus is to make today better than yesterday, and that’s how I was raised.”

“I was raised to have hope,” she continued. “I was raised that America did have challenges as we were going, but also was raised to live and see that me, a brown family in a small southern rural town, the people when they used to whisper about us or used to exclude us, I saw something very American happen because they started to smile at us. They started to talk to us, and they welcomed us in. And that’s the part of America that I was raised in.”