Niece of Kamala Harris shames Tom Brady, tweets “What’s Tom doing without a damn mask?”

Superbowl Sunday, Meena Harris, the niece of Vice President Kamala Harris threw shade at Tampa Bay Buccaneers star and NFL legend Tom Brady.

Harris tweeted a video of Tom Brady prior to the game and wrote “What’s Tom doing without a damn mask? 🤔 ”

The reaction was mixed, some were supportive.

One Twitter user wrote “He’s showing his privilege by refusing to comply with the one thing the government has been telling us to do for the past year. Must be nice to be a white man in America, walking around defying the government on live television knowing there won’t be consequences”

Not everyone appreciated the stark.

Another Twitter user replied “Oh I don’t know, everyone there has passed eleventy 500 tests…. spread your fear elsewhere”