Nick Sandmann Predicts Trump will be re-elected “We’re tired of being demonized”

In a new tweet, Nick Sandmann who was one of the stars of the RNC, predicts Trump will be re-elected.

Sandmann adds he thinks it “will be a pretty emotional experience for all his voters.”

“We’re tired of being demonized.” Sandman concludes.

One Twitter user replied “It’s also going to be absolute mayhem like we’ve never before seen because the mob will become unhinged. Especially since there are many in the media and the political world who fuel the mob.”

Wendy Saddler replied “I agree. I also predict lots of ‘weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth’, from the left.”

Susan H Schepenes replied “Nick, you are the reason I joined the local county Executive committee and the Republican Women’s group. My kids went to Catholic schools and to the March for Life. You stood in the gap for Christian school kids. I’ll stand for you. Much respect. Much thanks.”