Newt Predicts “House Democrats are Poised to Lose Big in 2022”

in a new Op-Ed for Newsweek, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicts House Democrats will lose their majority in 2022.

Republicans have added 9 House seats in the 2020 election and lead in most of the 5 remaining races that have not been called.

Newt writes:

The 2020 House elections may prove to be a harbinger of things to come. The Democrats and their left-wing media allies had been cheerfully predicting that they would gain 15 seats or more because of President Donald Trump’s unpopularity. Instead, the brilliant recruiting by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and his team (including Whip Steve Scalise, Conference Chair Liz Cheney, National Republican Congressional Committee chair Tom Emmer and Congresswoman Elise Stefanik)—and the resources they amassed to offset the Democrats—led to a House Republican gain of at least eight seats.

Newt later adds “Speaker Pelosi must face a Democratic Caucus whose members have not yet absorbed the fact that they control far fewer seats than they had expected the day before the election. The Democrats who care about being in the majority must ask themselves what they need to do to maintain a majority when the historical precedents indicate they will have a disastrous 2022. As a sign of the remarkable House Republican dominance at the polls, the Cook Political Report had listed 27 House races as “toss-ups” because they were too close to predict. Of those 27 House races, Republicans won every single one. They also won every GOP-leaning race.”

The former House Speaker concludes “I don’t know if the House Democratic losses in 2022 will be as big as 1994 or 2010, but I am convinced they will be big enough to make McCarthy the next Speaker of the House.”