Newt Blasts Pelosi and Schiff as “Embarrassingly Dishonest” and Romney as Irrelevant

Appearing on Fox and Friends, former Speaker Newt Gingrich blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intel Chair Adam Schiff.

Newt tweeted a clip of his appearance along with:

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have both become embarrassingly dishonest. They, along with the rest of the House Democrats, have desperately been trying to manufacture something since the day after President Trump was elected.

In a separate recent appearance, Gingrich brutally ripped frequent Trump critic Mitt Romney as being irrelevant.

(From GWP)

The truth is I don’t pay attention to Mitt Romney. I don’t think Mitt Romney matters in the long run of American political history. He certainly does not matter in a Donald Trump Republican Party. I think he is a fossilized element of a party that is disappearing. It doesn’t offend me.

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