Newsom’s approval rate down 14 points as recall petition clears 1.4 million signatures

According to a new survey by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies only 46% of California voters approve of Governor Gavin Newsom’s performance.

This number is down from 60% just 4 months ago, marking a 14% loss.

Mark DiCamillo, director of the poll said “people are re-evaluating how well Newsom is doing handling the pandemic,” adding “once your job performance rating starts to decline, it’s more difficult to put it back in the right direction. You kind of accumulate negatives over time.”

Meanwhile, the effort to force a recall vote against Newsom is looking likely to succeed as over 1.4 million signatures have been collected.

Per Fox News “the proponents of the recall effort hope to hit 2 million signatures by March 17th, but only 1.5 million are needed to trigger a mid-year election.”