News Editor Claims Trump “Broke Another Law” With Daytona 500 Limo Ride

Sarah Reese Jones, the Editor-in-chief and Co-Publisher of liberal news website PoliticusUSA, caused controversy by claiming that President Trump taking “The Beast” limo for a spin at the Daytona 500 broke the law.

In case you missed it, the event as well as Trump’s appearance was filled with joy and positivity, and the fans at the Daytona 500 clearly loved it.


However, Sarah Reese Jones was not feeling the love.

Jones shared her own tweet that said:

Donald Trump used the taxpayer-owned and funded presidential limousine to take a lap at the Daytona 500 in a presidential campaign stunt.

Then added:

“Trump had no public events listed on the presidential schedule for Sunday.

The reason why no other president has taken a lap in the presidential limo at Daytona before is that it is illegal.

Donald Trump didn’t make history on Sunday.

He broke another law.”

Not everyone was impressed and many replies ridicule the notion that Trump “broke another law.”

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