New Zogby Poll Has Trump Defeating Biden and Every Other 2020 Democrat Nationally

Democrats may want to cover their eyes before seeing the results of a new 2020 Zogby election poll. The poll has Trump beating every one of his potential 2020 Democrat rivals nationally.

In 2016, President Trump lost the national popular vote by 2% but still won the election by a large electoral margin.

If Trump were to win the popular vote as Zogby predicts, he’d most likely win the 2020 election by electoral landslide and an even greater margin.

National General Election:

Trump 46% (+1)
Biden 45%

Trump 44% (+1)
Bloomberg 43%

Trump 47% (+2)
Sanders 45%

Trump 47% (+4)
Warren 43%

Trump 45% (+4)
Buttigieg 41%

The same poll also has Trump approval at 50% vs. 48% disapproval.

Per Zogby Trump continues to edge out Biden within the margin of error, 46% to 45%. When matched-up against the former vice president, Trump is doing well with voters age 25+ (Trump leads 49% to 42%) and age 30+ (Trump leads 50% to 42%).

Joe Biden received decent support from women voters (Biden leads 48% to 39%) and the youngest voters age 18-24 (Biden leads 65% to 18%) and age 18-29 (Biden leads 57% to 29%). Not surprisingly, Biden polls well with minority voters; he leads with Hispanics (53% to 34%) and African Americans (77% to 14%). At 14% among African American voters, Trump is doing better than the 8% he received from blacks in 2016 presidential election.

Overall, the race is very close between Biden and Trump among important demographics. They are tied within the margin of error among Millennials-born between 1980-1995-Trump leads 45% to 44%; suburban voters (Biden leads 46% to 44%), and small city voters (Trump leads 46% to 45%).

Among the important swing voters the race continues to be a see saw: Trump is winning with Independents (Trump leads 41% to 40%), consumer blocs-NASCAR fans (Trump leads 59% to 34%), weekly Walmart shoppers (Trump leads 52% to 37%), weekly Amazon shoppers (Trump leads 51% to 45%) and the most vulnerable voters-lost a job (Trump leads 52% to 38%), afraid of losing a job (both at 46%), at a job that pays less (Trump leads 48% to 42%), gone without food for 24 hours (Trump leads 47% to 43%). Biden is also beating Trump with suburban women (Biden 47% to 40%), who will factor in big in the 2020 presidential election.