New Trump Admin Billboards in Central America Tell Would-Be Illegals to Turn Back

The Trump administration has implemented a plan to attempt to thwart illegal immigration by stopping would be illegals while they are still in their home country.

According to a new report from Fox News, the State Department is stepping up an advertising campaign in Central America to warn would-be migrants against illegally traveling to the United States, Fox News has learned.

“The message that we’re sending is that the pathway to the United States illegally is a futile journey,” said a senior State Department official.

The United States government is funding several billboards in Guatemala and El Salvador, as well as advertising panels on bus stops in Honduras, that are going up this week, according to the official.

The billboards caution Central Americans that “The road to the USA has become more dangerous. Don’t put your children at risk. Give them the security they deserve.”

This is part of a broader campaign that involves radio ads and social media posts from U.S. embassy staffers in the region. The federal government has previously used advertising campaigns like this to dissuade Central Americans from illegally traveling to the U.S. though thousands every month make the trip anyway fleeing violence, corruption and poverty.

Over the past several months, the Trump administration has signed agreements with Central American countries allowing the U.S. to deport migrants seeking asylum to another country. Officials say that’s part of their warning in the U.S. advertising campaign.

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