New Trafalgar Poll has Loeffler Leading Warnock, Perdue in Dead Heat with Ossoff

A new Trafalgar poll shows Republican Georgia Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in tight races against their Senate runoff opponents.

Including leads, Democrat Jon Ossoff edges Perdue 49.1% to 48% with 2.1% undecided.

Republican Kelly Loeffler shows a stronger position, leading her opponent Raphael Warnock by the margin of 50.4% to 47.3% with 2.1% undecided.

Friday, Loeffler agreed with Tom Cotton calling for a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.

Loeffler wrote “@SenTomCotton is right. We need a transparent investigation into Hunter Biden. The American people deserve to know the TRUTH about how he cashed in on his father’s powerful position to rake in millions from shady overseas business deals.”