New Poll Indicates Most Americans OPPOSE Dem Efforts to Impeach Trump

According to the results of a new poll, most Americans are opposed to the notion of impeaching President Trump, despite House Democrats’ continued efforts to begin the proceedings.

While a large majority of liberals polled indicate they believe Trump should be impeached, despite having no evidence of wrongdoing, conservative and independent voters remain opposed.

Now, with the 2020 elections drawing ever nearer, many pundits are speculating that demands for the removal of Trump, coming from Congressional Democrats, are serving to help the president’s re-election campaign.

For Democrat politicians, impeaching Trump has proven to be a difficult scenario to navigate, leaving House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others in an increasingly precarious position.

From Breitbart:

The majority of American voters oppose impeachment, according to the latest Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey.

Of the 1,295 registered voters polled, only 37 percent support impeaching and removing President Trump from office. While 43 percent favor “no action,” 60 percent of Democrat voters believe Trump should be impeached and removed altogether. However, independents are not on board:

Thirty-seven percent support impeaching and removing the president. Sixty percent of polled Democrats say the president should be impeached and removed, but only 36 percent of independents are in favor. Twenty percent of voters say Trump should be censured by Congress.

Voters were surveyed May 29–30, after special counsel Robert Mueller’s public remarks on the now-debunked investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia collusion. His brief address appeared to give the left’s calls for impeachment a second wind.

If recent polls serve as any indication, endless calls for impeachment will fail to resonate with independent voters.