New Poll Indicates More Voters Believe Dem Nominee Will Lose to Trump

A new Economist/YouGov poll finds more voters overall believe Trump will defeat whatever Democrat nominee he faces.

Whether the Democrat nominee is Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Bernie or Warren, more voters think that nominee will “probably lose to Trump” than “probably beat Trump.”

WashingtonExaminer reports a politically resilient President Trump has pushed into the lead of the 2020 White House race, riding the public’s good feelings about the economy and the view by voters that all leading Democratic candidates will “probably lose,” according to the latest election survey.

By a 52% to 48% margin, Trump is leading the generic “Democrat” in the race when voters were asked “Who do you think will win,” a significant margin for a president who just beat back impeachment to stay in office.

The latest Economist/YouGov survey also found that most voters believe that Trump will probably beat all of his Democratic challengers by at least 19 percentage points.

While White House officials are buoyed by the results and other polls showing a post-impeachment surge, some told Secrets that they believe the race is extremely tight and unclear due to the emergence of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the race.