New Poll Has Trump Neck and Neck with Biden in Nevada

A new Rasmussen/American Greatness poll has Trump and Biden neck and neck in a state Hillary won in 2016.

The poll has Biden leading with 49 and Trump only 1 point behind at 48.

According to American Greatness “The Nevada survey also shows Trump with a slightly higher favorability rating compared to Biden (48 percent versus 46 percent) which undercuts the narrative that this is a race between a likable Biden and an unlikable Trump. This despite the constant drubbing Trump takes from elite media and the concomitant puffing of Biden. ”

Hillary edged Trump in Nevada in 2016 by a margin of roughly 2 1/2%.

Other recent Nevada polling has Biden with a larger lead in the state. A recent Fox News poll had Biden up by 11.

A NY Times / Siena Nevada poll from Mid September has Biden up by 4.