New Poll Has Trump Edging Biden in Michigan

A new Trafalgar poll has President Trump edging Biden in the key state of Michigan.

Trump garners 47% support compared to 46% for Biden.

The edge is within the margin of error and is an outlier among other recent polls that give Biden a 5-8 point lead.

Worth noting is that in 2016, only the Trafalgar poll has Trump over Hillary by 2 points.

Other polling had Clinton leading by 4-6 points.

Trump ended up edging Hillary by under 1 point.

Last week, filmmaker Michael Moore warned he worries Joe Biden is running a “worse” campaign in Michigan than Hillary Clinton did.

Reacting to a Detroit Free press poll, Moore said “The fact that Trump has narrowed the lead by 50 percent since June should have everybody screaming bloody murder. We don’t have a minute to lose on this.”

“It’s actually worse than Hillary,” Moore warned “At least there was a ground game, even though she didn’t show up. There were Hillary offices in many towns, there were door-to-door campaigns.”