New poll has Biden with narrower lead vs. Trump among Latinos than Hillary at this point in the election

A new NBC/WSJ/Telemundo poll has Trump with 29% support among Latinos compared to 62% support for Biden.

As noted by “The Hill” this shows Biden has a narrower lead among Latinos than Hillary Clinton did against Trump at this point in the election.

Against Hillary, polling showed Trump only had 20% Latino support compared to 62% support for Hillary at the time.

In the exit polling, Clinton earned 66% of the Latino vote vs. 28% for Trump.

During a recent interview with Variety, Latino pop singer Ricky Martin lamented the support and enthusiasm from Latinos for Trump.

“It is super sad,” Martin said “Trumpeters make a lot of noise. And it’s scary to see their enthusiasm but us, we’re doing what’s right, the right way and we’ll see what happens in November. I’m very optimistic.”