New Poll Has Biden and Hillary in Virtual Tie if She Decides to Run

While Hillary Clinton has teased a late 2020 run in a joking fashion, so far her “official” statement is that she’s not running.

However, if she changes her mind, as insiders think is a possibility, she may find herself an instant co-frontrunner if a new poll from Harvard Harris is right.

Per AmericanMirror, a new poll from Harvard Harris finds Clinton nipping at the heels of Joe Biden in a hypothetical match up. Hillary, so far, has not declared her candidacy, though she has repeatedly teased the idea.

Those surveyed in the late October poll were asked, “Suppose Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and John Kerry decides to enter the race, who would you support as a candidate for President?”

Joe Biden received the support of 19 percent of Democrat respondents. Clinton was in a close second with 18 percent. Elizabeth Warren came in third at 13 percent. John Kerry was at 8 percent, while Bloomberg was at 6.

With the race as it is today, the poll finds 33 percent of Democrats would support Biden in the primary, and Bernie Sanders in second place with 18 percent. Warren comes in third with 15 percent.

What this poll finds is that if Clinton were to enter the race, roughly one-half of Biden’s supporters would drop him for Hillary.