New Poll Finds Nearly Half of Biden’s African-American Supporters Have Abandoned Him

A new national poll from Quinnipiac is terrible news for former VP Joe Biden and good news for Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, who has until now trailed Biden in nearly all national polls has opened up a 8 point lead over Biden.

Even worse news for Biden is it’s likely to get far worse after the New Hampshire primary tomorrow.

Of the 5 final New Hampshire polls, Biden has fallen to 4th place in 2 and to a shocking 5th place in 3, ceding to Amy Klobuchar.

Per NR, Biden has been counting on South Carolina as his firewall (where two-thirds of Democratic primary voters are black), but the new national Quinnipiac poll shows support for Biden among African Americans dropping from 52 percent to 27 percent since the Iowa caucuses.

Quinnipiac’s results among African-American Democratic primary voters in late January:

Biden 52

Sanders 15

Bloomberg 8

Warren 7

Buttigieg 0

And now:

Biden 27

Bloomberg 22

Sanders 19

Warren 8

Buttigieg 4

Politico reports former Vice President Joe Biden has plummeted in a new national poll out Monday that also shows Bernie Sanders with a clear lead among Democratic voters heading into Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

The new Quinnipiac University poll, conducted after Sanders’ strong showing in the Iowa caucuses a week ago, has the Vermont senator boasting the support of 25 percent of Democratic voters, making an 8-point lead over Biden and a 4-point increase over the last national survey taken before the caucuses.

Biden dropped 9 points to 17 percent after his dismal performance in Iowa, followed close behind by former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who rose 7 points to 15 percent, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who dropped 1 point to 14 percent.

While former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg got a 4-point bump after appearing to narrowly edge Sanders out for first place in the Iowa state delegate count — results which Buttigieg and Sanders are both challenging — Buttigieg came in at 5th place nationally in the Quinnipiac poll, with 10 percent of the vote. Sen. Amy Klobuchar rounds out the top six with 4 percent, a drop of 3 points, while no other candidate broke 2 percent in the poll.