New Petition Demands “Serial Groper” Biden DROP OUT of the 2020 Race!

In light of bombshell sexual harassment claims from former Democrat politician Lucy Flores as well as videos uncovering Biden’s arguable inappropriate touching with young children, a new petition is calling for Joe Biden to DROP OUT of the 2020 Presidential Race.

You can read and sign the petition here.

The petition reads:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is currently polling as the favorite to win the 2020 Democratic Primary.

However, no matter what your political views, no decent American should want a serial groper and sexual harasser to be a party nominee, or even worse, President of the United States.

This is especially true when some of his highly questionable behavior was targeted towards young children.

Lucy Flores, a former Democrat assemblywoman described her harrowing encounter with Biden in 2014.

“Well, it happened all so suddenly…Eva was in front of me, Joe Biden was behind me….Very unexpectedly and out of nowhere I feel Joe Biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very close to me from behind, lean in, smell my hair and then plant a slow kiss on the top of my head.”

“It was just shocking. It was shocking. You don’t expect that kind of intimate behavior. You don’t expect that kind of intimacy from someone so powerful and someone who you just have no relationship whatsoever to touch you and to feel you and to be so close to you in that way.”

Flores believes Biden’s behavior should disqualify him as a candidate for President.

Per the NYT, Biden’s advisers indicated on Sunday that the accusation would not dissuade him from entering the 2020 campaign, which they suggest he still intends to do at the end of April or just after.

We at believe Joe Biden’s “serial groper” behavior, which has even been targeted towards innocent children, is disqualifying for anyone seeking the highest office in our country.

We demand Joe Biden drop out of the 2020 race for President of the United States.

You can read and sign the petition here.

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