New Petition Calls for Joaquin Castro to Be Impeached Over Targeting Trump Donors

A new petition is calling for Joaquin Castro to be impeached over targeting Trump donors.

You can read and sign the petition here. 

The petition reads:

We at believe Joaquin Castro has abused his position as a lawmaker by publicly posting the names and employers of Trump donors in an attempt to shame and harass them.

Per CBS, many have spoken out against Castro’s disgraceful actions and we agree with them 100%.

“Elected officials are sent to D.C. to serve constituents, unfortunately Joaquin Castro made it clear he would prefer to publicly attack his constituents & neighbors b/c they don’t share his ideology,” wrote the official Twitter account for the Republican Party of Texas. “This is egregious and he should immediately delete this tweet and apologize.”

“How low have Dems sunk?” asked Tim Murtaugh, Mr. Trump’s reelection campaign’s communications director. “Naming private citizens & their employers, targeting them for political views and exercising 1st Amendment rights. Should delete & apologize. Castro campaign should disavow.”

“Targeting and harassing Americans because of their political beliefs is shameful and dangerous,” McCarthy tweeted Tuesday. “What happened to “when they go low, we go high?” Or does that no longer matter when your brother is polling at 1%? Americans deserve better.”

Enough is enough. We demand Joaquin Castro BE REMOVED from Congress immediately.

You can read and sign the petition here. 

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