New Pennsylvania Poll Has Trump Beating All Dems But Bernie

A new Pennsylvania state poll has President Trump over all Democrat rivals except Bernie Sanders.

Per Morning Call:

Key Findings:

1. In the first Muhlenberg College/Morning Call election poll of 2020, President Donald Trump and the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination are shown to be in a tight race for Pennsylvania’s twenty electoral votes.

2. Trump narrowly trails in a matchup with Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders (46%- 49%); is locked in ties with former Vice President Joe Biden (47%-47%) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (47%-47%); and holds slim leads over Senator Amy Klobuchar (45%-44%), former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (46%-45%) and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg (48%-45%).

3. Since November of 2019, President Trump’s job approval rating among Pennsylvania voters has modestly improved with 42% approving of his work as President and 50% disapproving, compared to 40% approving and 56% disapproving last fall.

4. A majority of Pennsylvania voters (54%) feel that President Trump does not deserve reelection, compared with 42% that believe the 45th President deserves a second term in office.

5. Pennsylvania voters give Trump high marks for his management of the economy (58% approve) but very negative ratings for his work on health care (36% approve) and the environment (31% approve).

6. While most Pennsylvania voters said the impeachment process did not have an impact on their vote in the presidential election, twice as many (22% to 11%) reported the process made them more likely to vote for President Trump than less likely to support the presdient’s reelection bid.

7. Pennsylvania voters are fairly divided on the issue of fracking, with 42% indicating they disagree with placing a moratorium on fracking in the state, and 38% agreeing with this policy option. At the same time 44% of voters agree that fracking poses a major risk to the health of Pennsylvanians, compared to 36% that disagree with this claim