New Outlier Poll Has Trump Leading Biden Nationally, Dominating Swing States

A new outlier poll released by Democracy Institute (DI)/ Sunday Express has Trump leading Biden 48-45 nationally and by the even bigger margin of 49-42 in swing states.

Patrick Basham, the director of the Democracy Institute claims that the poll results reflect Democrats misreading the effect of BLM protests.

“In any political campaign, there’s a moment that tells you which way the electoral wind is blowing. In this year’s American presidential campaign, that moment arrived on Wednesday.” Basham says.

Basham also stated “”When a candidate changes his tune three quarters of the way through a race, it is not because he knows he holds a winning hand. He does so because the electoral ground is shifting beneath his feet.”

“The Biden campaign made this move for one simple reason. Its own internal polling numbers revealed what Democracy Institute/Sunday Express polls have shown for the past three months: the overwhelming majority of Americans, including Black voters, are opposed to the organised anarchy – looting, vandalism, mayhem, and murdering of innocent people – explicitly and implicitly cheered on by a considerable cabal of Democratic politicians, while an even large number simply turned a blind eye.” he added.

Other findings from the poll:

The poll found Trump with 53% support with White Voters compared to 45% for Biden.

Trump has support of 19% of black voters and 39% of hispanic voters, compared to 77% and 50% for Biden.

Trump leads Biden in Wisconsin 49-42.

Trump leads Biden in Florida 47-44.

Trump leads Biden in Minnesota 48-45.

Trump leads in New Hampshire 47-43.

The Democracy Institute (DI)/ Sunday Express is not tracked by RealClearPolitics, where Biden maintains a 6.9% lead in the average.