New NYT Poll Has Trump Over Warren in Several Key Swing States

A new NY Times swing state poll shows President Trump outperforming Elizabeth Warren in key swing states including Michigan, Florida and North Carolina.

Trump and Warren are even in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, with Warren ahead by 2 in Arizona.

The polling suggests in key states where the 2020 election will be decided President Trump, despite overwhelmingly negative mainstream media coverage, is in good shape.

Per NYTimes 

Mr. Trump leads Elizabeth Warren by two points among registered voters, the same margin as his win over Hillary Clinton in these states three years ago.

The poll showed Bernie Sanders deadlocked with the president among registered voters, but trailing among likely voters.

The results suggest that Ms. Warren, who has emerged as a front-runner for the Democratic nomination, might face a number of obstacles in her pursuit of the presidency.

The poll supports concerns among some Democrats that her ideology and gender — including the fraught question of “likability” — could hobble her candidacy among a crucial sliver of the electorate. And not only does she underperform her rivals, but the poll also suggests that the race could be close enough for the difference to be decisive.

From Yahoo

The 2020 US presidential election is on a knife edge according to new polling of battleground states that shows Donald Trump performing much better than expected.

Mr Trump, the US president, may be way behind possible Democrat candidates in polls of the whole of America but a different picture emerges when focussing on the swing states.

Surveys for The New York Times looked at the six states that Mr Trump won most narrowly in the 2016 election – Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona and North Carolina.

On average across those states Mr Trump trails Joe Biden, the former US vice president seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, by just a single percentage point, according to CNN analysis.

The signs are even more encouraging for the president against other possible contenders, with Mr Trump beating Bernie Sanders by one point and Elizabeth Warren by three points.

The numbers, which are much better for Mr Trump than in nation-wide surveys, suggests that in the places that will define who wins the 2020 campaign he is in good shape.

They will also add credence to the line being pushed by the Biden camp that their candidate is best placed to take on Mr Trump given his moderate politics and Pennsylvanian roots.

Mr Sanders and Ms Warren, the senators for Vermont and Massachusetts respectively, have both outlined a left-wing policy platform unlike anything presented by recent Democratic presidential nominees.

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