New Monmouth Poll Has Biden Leading Trump by 5 in Florida

A new Monmouth poll has Joe Biden leading President Trump by 5 in the key state of Florida.

Biden garners 50% support compared to 45% for Trump in the poll, just at the poll’s margin of error.

Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute commented “Biden’s current lead among Latinos is similar to Clinton’s margin four years ago. One difference, though, is how Florida’s Latino electorate has shifted since 2016. There has been an influx of residents from Puerto Rico and a growing number of young voters. These groups tend to be more Democratic, which actually suggests that Trump could be doing slightly better among older Latino voters than he did four years ago.”

Other recent Florida polling suggests a tighter race, including a Florida Atlantic University poll that was taken around the same time that has the Sunshine state tied at 50 to 50.