New Luntz poll finds vast majority of Trump voters say they’d still vote for him in another election held today

Monday, pollster Frank Luntz announced he conducted a poll of Trump voters following the storming of the U.S. Capitol.

Luntz tweeted:

I asked them what was the greatest threat to America’s security. Their top responses:

• Socialism: %
• The Radical Left: %
• Fake News Media: %

One key finding Luntz reported was “Despite their criticism of his conduct since November 3rd and last week, % of Trump voters say they’d still vote for him if another presidential election were held today.”

Also from Luntz:

% of Trump voters believe he should “continue his fight to remain President.”

% say they’d tell him to run again in 2024, while % say he should retire from politics.

% of Trump voters say they’d rather vote for someone else in 2024.

Among the choice of other candidates, Mike Pence currently leads the pack.