New law signed by Newsom allows transgender inmates to be assigned to prison of gender identity

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed into law a new bill that allows transgender inmates to be placed in prison based on their gender identity.

Per the Office of Governor Newsom

“The Governor also signed SB 132 by Senator Wiener requiring CDCR to house transgender, gender-nonconforming and intersex people according to their own sense of where they will be safest. This new law will require CDCR to record the individual’s self-reported gender identity, gender pronouns and honorifics throughout an inmate’s term.”

“Thank you Governor Newsom for once again proving you are a champion for LGBTQ people,” said Senator Wiener, Chair of the California Legislative LGTBQ Caucus.

“SB 132 is life-saving legislation that will protect trans people in prison, particularly trans women who are subject to high levels of assault and harassment in men’s facilities. And, SB 932 ensures our community will no longer be invisible, and that we will be counted by our public health system. Today is a great day for California’s LGBTQ community and yet another example of California’s deep commitment to LGBTQ equality.”