New IBD/TIPP Poll has Biden’s Lead Over Trump Down to 3.2%

The latest IBD/TIPP Presidential poll has Biden’s lead down to 3 nationally against President Trump.

That number is significant as it is close to the lead Hillary had going into the election against Trump in 2016, while Trump still prevailed in the electoral college vote.

Biden receives 48.8% of the vote compared to 45.6% for Trump.

Libertarian Jo Jorgensen gets 2.1% and Howie Hawkins .9%.

Per IBD/TIPP “Joe Biden’s 3.2-point lead in the IBD/TIPP presidential poll is 1.4 points narrower than it was before the final debate. Donald Trump’s deficit had ranged from 4.4 points to 7.2 points over the prior 11 daily polls.”

The poll finds while Trump is doing worse with Seniors than in 2016 “Trump appears to be faring better among black and Hispanic voters than in 2016.”