New Georgia Senate Runoff Poll has Perdue and Ossoff Tied, Loeffler Trailing Warnock

A new Fox5/InsiderAdvantage poll has Democrat John Ossoff tied against Republican Incumbent Senator David Perdue in the Georgia Runoff race.

Ossoff and Perdue are tied at 49% support each.

The same poll has Democrat Raphael Warnock edging Republican incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler 49% to 48%.

InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery said, “The challenge for the two Republicans will be how to hold on to the over ten percent level of support they have from African American voters, while at the same time trying to convert suburban Atlanta white voters who have drifted away from the GOP.”

Towery added “The two Republican campaigns have decided to run in tandem and as a result, any mistake by one campaign may impact both. Warnock will be the centerpiece of attempting to drive African American vote higher than it was in the General Election, which is essential for a win for both Ossoff and him.”